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  • What is this product? How is it made?
    Each and every piece, that is found in our e-store is hand made item. We make miniatures in scale 1:12 from various materials - composites, plastic, timber, silicone, ceramics, real and artificial flowers, stones, moss etc.
  • What types of miniatures can I order?
    We work mainly in 1:12 scale. Besides the ready made products, you can order custom made miniatures (from a photo or fantasy), street art pieces, design concepts as an interior decoration and miniatures for films and advertisements. Contact us and let's make something small together!
  • I am a shop. Can I buy in bulk?
    We are happy to work with shops and spread our artworks around the world. We offer discount, if you buy in bulk. Discounts are visible in our store, if you wish to receive invoice and pay via bank transfer as well, please contact us:
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept card payment, but other options are possible as well. If you can not finish your order via e-store, please contact us: or +37127875793.
  • In which countries do you operate?
    We ship worldwide.


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